Opal – The Queen of Gems

Opal is the birth stone for October. This Gem stone is quite popular since ancient times. We can see many examples of its popularity from ancient times since it had been used in the crown of Holly Roman Emperor and in the crown jewels of the French emperors. These Gems are so popular that they have earned a place for themselves by the name of “The Queen of Gems”. In Eastern European and in the tribes of Central Africa jewelries made form this Gemstone were presented as a gift for the 14th wedding anniversary. They believed it was a good sign. Even today it is the most gifted stone all across the world and has not lost its popularity, relevance and importance.

People have different beliefs regarding the mystical power of opal Gem, for example women from Scandinavia wore this Gem stone in their head to protect their hair from going gray. Another belief about its power is it has the power to grant vigor, protects the heart and kidneys against infections.
Unique colors that it carries

The main characteristic of Opal Gem is its different shades. Sometime this Gemstone flashes the colors of the rainbow. This is another reason why it is known as the Queen of Gems. Opal has various colors

White Opal

White Opal - AustralianOpal

White opal also known as milky opal appears pale white and gives bright flashes of opal color. This opal is also capable of showing different combinations of spectra on its body like blue, green, red and purple which makes its appearance more attractive.




Black Opal

Black Opal - AustralianOpal

This is the rarest variety and hence most vulnerable Opal. Its color ranges from dark gray to black. The most common color spectra found in black Opal is yellow, blue and green. Due to the presence of carbon and iron oxide this gemstone gives darkness to the stone. Generally this gemstone cuts into an oval shape, but it mostly exhibits its natural shape.



Boulder Opal

Boulder Opal - AustralianOpalBoulder opal mostly found in Queensland Australia is mined from the large ironstone boulder. This gemstone is easily recognizable as it is either in the matrix form or in the layered one. Boulder opal can further be classified into three types
Black boulder –it has uniform dark black color in which one can see a complete color spectrum.
Crystal boulder opal– it is highlighted by the dark host of ironstone or ferruginous.
Light boulder which is almost similar to crystal opal, the only difference in this is that it is not completely transparent.


Crystal Opal

Crystal Opal - Australian Opal

This appears as transparent, translucent or as a semi translucent body. This is the purest form of opal and is also known as white or milk Opal. Crystal Opal has different color options in which the most common is blue crystal opal. In its different varieties the rarest one is fire crystal opal.



Fire Opal

Fire Opal - Australian Opal

As the name describes itself fire opal has a yellow to orange to red color appearance. The value of this gemstone depends upon its desirability along with the uniformity of color like yellow color opal has least value on the other side red opal has the higher value.



Pink Opal

Pink Opal - Australian Opal

Other name of pink opal is Andean opal or Angelskin opal. This is considered as a peaceful gem and mostly known for its energy which has the ability to heal emotions. It is mostly found in the western region of Australia.